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Neal Barrett, Jr.
Born in 1929, award-winning Texas-based author Neal Barrett, Jr. started writing fiction in a variety of modes and genres in 1959, when he made his first short story sales to Galaxy and Amazing magazines (the book A Different Vintage collects some of the best of Barrett's early work). Barrett continuously published short fiction from that time until his death in 2014, including three stories published in 2011 and new stories published in 2013's Impossible Monsters and Rayguns Over Texas.

In the 1970's, Barrett became known for several science fiction/fantasy novels, culminating in the Aldair quartet, which was completed in the early 80's.
Barrett became even more widely known in the 80's for a series of successes in both long and short form, including the novels Through Darkest America, Dawn's Uncertain Light, and The Hereafter Gang and the shorter works "A Day at the Fair", "Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus", and "Stairs". In the 90's and 00's, Barrett was prolific writing for the comics, including collaborations with Joe R. Lansdale and Andrew Vachss. He also turned his hand to crime fiction, creating the successful "Blues" and Wiley Moss novels. In the 90's and into 00's, Barrett continued writing long and short works that were becoming increasingly harder to slot into a genre, including the short novel Piggs and the novels Interstate Dreams and The Prince of Christler-Coke. In the 00's, Barrett also wrote two well received fantasy novels that were marketed to a young adult audience.
Starting in at least the 1980's, Barrett wrote a variety of "franchise" novels that many writers would consider work-for-hire, but which Barrett has always managed to treat like an art form, whether a Daniel Boone or Hardy Boys novel in the 80's, a Judge Dread or Babylon 5 novel in the 90's, or a Dungeon's and Dragons novel in the year 2000.
In 2010, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America named him Author Emeritus. Neal Barrett, Jr. left this Earth on January 12, 2014, leaving behind loving family and friends, and also a tremendous body of work and a growing legion of fans. It's hard to find words. To read one of the last things Neal wrote and published, click through to this rememberance of the day JFK was shot, published in the Austin Chronicle, Nov 22, 2013.

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2010 SFWA Author Emeritus Award

In 2010, Neal Barrett, Jr. was inducted as a Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Author Emeritus. Click through on that link for a very nice SFWA article summarizing Mr. Barrett's career to date, with some retrospective quotes from the author. Here is my favorite quote from the article, which points to one of the things I like about reading and collecting Neal Barrett, Jr.
"Like many professional writers, I’ve written westerns, mystery-suspense, horror, noir, air war stories, the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, novelizations such as Judge Dredd, Barb Wire and Dungeons & Dragons,” he said. “One of my all-time favorite jobs is writing comic books–I think I’ve turned out over a thousand pages by now. That’s what writers do, you know–they often do what needs to be done. And I’ve found that a real pro puts everything he or she has into whatever project comes along. You name it. I can’t tell you how many names besides mine are out there over the work I’ve done for a series or special projects."
In addition to the main SFWA article, several other articles about Mr. Barrett came out in connection with the Author Emeritus designation:

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Neal Barrett, Jr. 1929-2014

Neal Barrett, Jr. was an American author from Texas who straddled genres and decades. A finalist for or recipient of major awards, including the Nebula, Hugo, Locus, and World Fantasy Award, he was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. He was also admired as an author of mystery fiction, literary fiction, and comic books.
"If there's a galaxy far, far away, the guy I'm interested in is the guy just outside the space port selling hot dogs, not the kings and queens of space." --NBJ

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