An Unofficial Neal Barrett, Jr. Appreciation Site

My name is Dan, and I have been a Neal Barrett, Jr. fan since the late 1980's. Through Darkest America was where it started for me, followed closely by The Ziesing Books edition of The Hereafter Gang. Soon after, I discovered the Aldair quartet. Right about that same time, Barrett started writing these great crime novels. However, I think it was the moment I discovered a beat-up old Daniel Boone novel by Barrett in the westerns section of a used bookstore (and it was a great read!) that I realized I needed to start collecting Neal Barrett Jr. books. Since then, I've been hooked, collecting Mr. Barrett's novels, comics, and limited editions.
Recently, I happened to notice that the domain name was available, which we could say was the genesis for this site. It didn't seem right that such a fine author didn't have some kind of appreciation website, even if it wasn't an "official" site sponsored by the author himself. I also didn't like the idea that someone who didn't give a crap about the author might come along and squat on the domain. So I bought the domain and created this site.
This Neal Barrett, Jr. web site can stand in until something more official comes along. I am just a fan who happens to have read and collected several of Mr. Barrett's books. I hope to encourage others to do the same. Thanks for checking out the site, and Mr. Barrett's fine body of work.
This site is a non-commercial endeavor. Even so, throughout the site you will find links to purchase Mr. Barrett's work in various forms. Buying books (including ebooks) is a great way to support an author's work--not to mention the publishers who make it available.
Feel free to , and I'll do my best to respond. I welcome any contributions, corrections, or suggestions. If you have photos of Mr. Barrett or of your Barrett book collection you would like to share, please do.
P.S. I recently learned that at one time there was an official Neal Barrett, Jr. author site at, but I'm not sure what happened to it. You can view snapshots of it in the Wayback Machine at It appears from some notes by Neal I found in the Wayback Machine that the site may have been created by Matt Sturges. It was a nice site, with a nice skywriting logo for Neal's name.

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